Adventures of Donkey Ollie – Adventures of Donkey Ollie is a animated musical thirteen part TV series with E/I content for children everywhere. The characters were created by Mike McKinney (lion King, Home on the Range) and shows were directed by Doug Aberle (California Raisins, Will Vinton Productions) The shows are designed to help children early on face the difficulties of life and develop a keen survival as they prepare to enter the adult world. Each show is twenty eight minutes and thirty seconds long. There is no commercial content. Each show highlights different adventures and shows how with the right heart someone can survive any adventure.
The individual shows feature a life action segment with animator director Farmer John and Friends and cover additional subjects with education and entertainment value.

All Aboard – All Aboard is a half hour series produced with the train enthusiast in mind and covers railroad operations over the last half of the 20th century all across the United States.

All Things Victorian – What is it with the Victorians that continues to engage our curiosity? Why do so many delight in this endlessly fascinating time in our collective history? Victoriana Lady Lisa takes us on an adventure in history in this award-winning series produced by the Passion Projects, LLC.

Americana – Americana – The way we were looks back on American life by way of old public domain newsreels, films and public/civic documentaries

Baby Blue Arts Presents – Baby Blue Arts is a half hour music series that showcases a particular musician or musical group. Programs cover many different genres: Jazz, classical, blues, folk, world and young artists.

Captain Encouragement – The Adventures of Captain Encouragement is an exciting new Children’s show that covers a variety of educational topics ranging from science and math to physical fitness and storytelling! All of our newest episodes have ASL interpretations for children with hearing impairment!

Doggie Dilemmas – In “Doggy Dilemmas” Denise Mazzola, a certified professional dog trainer with over twenty years experience helps people train their dogs.

Eat Well Be Happy – “Eat Well Be Happy” is a cooking show aimed at bringing back the pleasures of the table with fresh, seasonal, colorful ingredients (organic when possible). Recipes are simple, but the results make folks swoon with delight. Eat Well Be Happy will make you pick up that spoon, will make you explore community through food.

Future Talk – Future Talk is a series that examines the global impact of technology, both for good and for bad and tries to see where the new technology is leading us. Future Talk features leading edge guests from many branches of technology who discuss the ramifications of their work on society at large.

Kids a Cookin’ – Follow Host (and Mom) Karen Arnold, as she leads school-age children step-by-step in preparing nutritious, delicious, but most of all, fun recipes. Each week, pint-sized chefs will help prepare a different recipe that can easily be made in your own home. These recipes are not only simple to prepare and affordable, but are an excellent way to share the joys of cooking with your kids.

Once Upon A Time – “Once Upon a Time” is a half hour children’s show produced by the children’s librarian at Belfast Free Library in Belfast Maine. Each program has a theme and the stories read, songs sung and various activities all relate to the theme of that show. Programs are targeted to the 5-9 year old audience. There is usually a young musician that performs a song as well as the two co-hosts, Erica Rubin Irish who is the children’s librarian, and Jennifer Armstrong a professional local musician and story teller.

Out and About with Roger Martin – Going Out & About means exploring those subjects that you sometimes dream about while resting on the living room couch. Roger Martin prides himself on the selection of these great subjects in his endeavor to to cover what would appeal to you and a vast nationwide audience. Interviews of people and subjects of universal interest, like sporting events; festivals of all kinds and animals…from pets to wildlife; art galleries and museums; celebrity auctions, car shows; Island activities and sports, Science and art; and historical re-enactments, are all featured with in depth interviews..

Physician Focus – Physician Focus is a half hour educational talk show that brings important from practicing physicians on a wide range of health and medical subjects to people and patients of all ages.

Programming for Kids –

Retro Movie Theater – Retro Theater is a venue for broadcasting old Public domain movies of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. All movies are selected with an eye towards viewer interest, Most contain well know names like Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Cagney, Jane Russell and Roy Rodgers and many others. The movies range from Suspense to Comedy and Musical’s to Drama. There is movie of interest for every viewer in any given target audience.

Saturday Fright Special – Join host Scarewolf (a well-dressed werewolf with a good sense of rhythm), and the rest of the SFS gang each week for a trip back in time with public domain monster movies, intermission reels, commercials and all kinds of other nostalgia from bygone days.

Smart Boating – Smart Boating is a professional quality show series designed to inform and educate recreational boaters about a variety of topics from “How To Protect Your Boat From A Hurricane” to “How To Compare Quality Among Boats”. In between the “how to” shows are programs that focus on interesting boats: Coast Guard boats, Electric boats, PT boats, Hovercraft, Classic speedboats, etc.. The shows, based on carefully researched discussion guides, feature experts on each different topic. And, professional TV video and audio gear is used to ensure professional production values. Recreational boaters traversing both inland and ocean waters will enjoy and learn from this interesting program.

The Children’s Corner – Based on The Slouch in the Couch series of children’s learning books and hosted by Stephen, the Children’s Learning Corner is located in Slouch County, where Black Bart’s bumbling gang always causes problems that seem to always end in failure.

The Folklorist –

The Garage with Steve Butler – Steve Butler is an artist and furniture maker with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. In his garage workshop, he’ll share with you the way to make fun woodworking projects. Anything from fine furniture to cigar box guitars are what he’s making. The Garage is a how-to show unlike any other.

The Kamla Show – The Kamla Show features entrepreneurs, technologists, filmmakers, artists, writers and others who contribute to a vibrant economic and social landscape.

Tracing your Family Roots – Tracing your family roots is a half hour series that discusses how to gather information about family roots from different countries and resources.

Wine Country at Work – The hosts, Ralph and Lahni De Amicis, are authors and tour guides. They go behind the scenes into a wide variety of workplaces, discovering what talents and skills are necessary to create a great wine and a great tourism destination. The show features beautiful scenery, unique locations and wonderful stories. Taken together it offers interesting lessons about balancing the natural world and modern society.


Bella Vista and Beyond –

Bella Vista City Council Meeting –

Bella Vista Gardening –

Bella Vista POA Meeting

Daily Devotion –

Happy New You –

In Performance –

The Mayors Rap

Wonderlust – Dedicated to informing the community about travel, both domestically and internationally. The show is hosted by two local travel advisors who will share current travel trends, destination information and general tips for travel.